Makeup DON’Ts Take 3


Where to start?

🎓 This pic is from my high school graduation. Obviously, I chose the one with my cute sisters in it to up my ‘likes’.

Here we go.


First, DON’T put concealer only in your under eye area. I kind of look like a reverse raccoon here. The concealer needs to be yellow-based (not pink-based like in the pic) and it needs to be done in a pie piece shape under the eyes if you are looking to draw attention away from your dark circles. Again, DON’T put bronzer on your entire face. Do you see a theme yet?

Second, DON’T line all the way around your eyes with black eyeliner. It makes your eyes look TINY. Message me for eye tricks.

Third, DON’T overwax or overpluck your eyebrows. EYEBROWS FRAME YOUR FACE. They are so important!
I don’t remember exactly what happened, but somewhere between my senior pictures and graduation my eyebrows pulled a vanishing act. I blame ‘Friends’ and all of the actresses with pencil thin eyebrows for this trend. Y’all, they don’t ever grow back like they were. I take my brow referrals very seriously. Locally, I ONLY recommend Sarah Ashley Aesthetics for your brow shaping & tinting needs. She is a brow master! I’m not kidding, y’all!
If you are like me and are past that point and need microblading or precision brow tattooing, Carrie Hunt , Koger Hardin, and Lindley Woody at The Browtique are THE BEST. They are all in Texas, BUT it’s not that long of a drive and this is a tattoo on your face!!!

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Makeup DON’Ts… Senior Picture edition


Makeup DON’Ts continued…

Senior pictures.

In all honesty, I loved this picture. I looked GOOD.
Looking back, I realize that I had a SERIOUS bronzer problem.


DON’T use bronzer on your entire face. This one is worth repeating.

That is not how you’re supposed to use it. One color (bronzer) gives you a ‘flat face’ look just like one color foundation does.
I was also teetering on the edge of oompa loompa territory.

On the up side, it does make your teeth look really white.

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Makeup DON’Ts – Prom edition


Woah. Oh man, y’all.

I wasn’t always good at makeup. In fact, I didn’t even really learn how to do makeup until I turned 30.

I thought I’d round up some of my personal makeup don’ts. This will most likely be continued, since I had so many. It’ll be funny!

Prom is coming up, right? If you need makeup for prom, DM me ASAP.
This is from my junior prom circa 2001. Wowza.

• WAY too tan – back then I thought there was no such thing as too tan. Don’t bake in the sun or tanning bed. Just don’t-as evidenced by my age spots…
• Full face of bronzer- I know I’m not the only one!
• No blush- I never used to wear blush, because my face was red (from tanning). Blush brings life to your face, even if you have redness! Let me show you.
•You can’t see it in this pic, but I also had gold body glitter sprayed all over me…kind of like an Oscar. 🤣

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Nose Contouring

Nose Contouring

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

Let’s talk nose contouring.
AKA 1-minute nose job

This part is EXTRA.
I contour mine, because in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain), my allergies make me feel like Rudolf a lot of the time. That and I just think it looks more fancy a little sculpted.

Y’all. Product choice is HUGE here. Seint’s Shadow contour is a total game changer. It actually looks like a shadow, instead of making your nose look more tan or dirty like most products.

Lighting. It is nearly impossible to get a good nose contour without the proper lighting. That is, lighting coming from ONE source facing you. Go to a well lit window in your house and sit in front of it with a mirror (that is also the perfect place to take a selfie for color matching😉). If you are in side lit or overhead lighting, you won’t be able to see the natural shadows.

70DFB3FB-F2E3-40AE-959D-059FC1C6465C1BA0F5C6-5AE1-45F0-93AA-80EA3A7C3C08And just so mine isn’t the only face on here, here is  a little nose contouring on my little sister.59410AB1-8943-4D31-BA2C-08E0E5C3CD64

I drew two very fine (and curved at the brow) lines ON THE TOP of my bridge. Make sure your two drawn lines are INSIDE the two natural lines of your nose or else this whole thing could backfire. The closer the lines are together the thinner the nose will look. I applied a thin highlight line right down the center of the bridge, and also applied highlight to my nostrils and to the sides of the nose below my fine contour lines. Blend! I stipple (tap) with a brush to blend. You can play with the thinness here, it doesn’t have to be as thin as I’ve done, but it does help diminish the focus on your nose so your other features are able to shine brighter.

Comment or message me for questions about contouring different types of noses. These are the basics. I’ll try to figure out how to post a video on here. Any chance someone’s kid can help me?🤷🏻‍♀️

XOXO, Jessie

Dark circles…

Between mom life, nurse life, and makeup enthusiast/ Maskcara Artist & Leader life, there isn’t a whole lot of time for sleep. Or self care. Or drinking water. It’ll happen some day soon…

In the mean time, Mango under my eyes is my little secret for getting rid of my hard-earned dark circles. The peachy and yellow tones in the Mango and Sunlit highlights cancel out the blue and purple under my eyes. See color wheel.

Products used

I switched it up a little today.

Highlights: Mango under eyes + Sunlit
Contour: Stone
Blush: Nude
Illuminator: Pearl
Eyes: Stone + Nude + Pearl

Maskcara is so pretty, so easy, and SO AFFORDABLE. NO autoship. No reason not to try it! Message me for a color match, y’all! If you aren’t local, I can match you through a picture.  XOXO

The Eyes Have It

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I haven’t even scheduled any autoposts. Oops. I’ve been recovering after the Maskcara birthday party, loving on my family & working my real job.

Y’all are overdue for a tip!

Let’s talk about tight lining.  It makes your lashes look so much more full!
And if eyeliner isn’t your jam, you don’t have to worry about it being too thick or uneven or looking like a chevron pattern.


How to do it:

Take a black gel eyeliner and fill in your top water line. All the way. Don’t leave any gaps.

Line your lower water line with a light highlight or pencil and your eyes will look BIG, even if you’re a squinter like me.

Try not to jab yourself in the eyeball. Done. That’s it. So easy.

Product Recommendations
L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Lacquer Intense Gel in Blackest Black
Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Black

Lower water line- Maskcara Moonlit or White Peach highlight with the Multitasker brush
NYX Wonder Pencil in light or medium

P.S. I’m pretty sure I forgot to put lipstick on. Oops! MUA of the Year!
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Tip Tuesday

IMG_5214.PNGBut maybe fraternal twins.

Face it. We all have one brow that looks like Cinderella, and the other one looks like an ugly stepsister. The late ’90s & early ’00s brow trends didn’t help most of us out.
It took me a long time to realize how important brows were & how much they frame the face.

Brow do’s:
1. Find a great brow artist
The only person I recommend locally is Sarah Ashley Aesthetics. Make an appointment.
2. For filling in your brows, I love Colour Pop’s precision brow pencil in Bangin’ Brunette or Maskcara’s Trust eyeshadow with the Know YOUR ANGLES brow brush– they pretty much work with every hair color–just the amount of product used will vary.  If you want to learn how to fill them properly, I’ll teach you.
3. To make your brows grow, use R+F Lash Boost, Nutraluxe Lash MD (don’t buy it on Amazon), or the one from Monat on them.
4. To gain 10-30 minutes back in your day, quit filling in your brows & go to see ladies at The Browtique in Fort Worth & McKinney, TX. They do the best microblading/blended/precision brows I’ve ever seen!! If you are getting a tattoo on your face, you want it to be done by the best!! It was SO worth the $ and the drive for me!!
5. Get a Tinkles razor to shape up your brows a little in between brow appointments.

Brow don’ts–from personal experience:
1. Don’t overpluck–you do not have a unibrow
2. Don’t get your eyebrows waxed while you are getting a pedicure.
3. Don’t go home and pluck some more to try to fix what the pedicure lady messed up.               4. Threading freaking hurts.                                 5. Don’t fill your brows with a warm color–it looks funny.

P.S. I should have listened to my mama .

Hope this helps! Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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