Dark circles…

Between mom life, nurse life, and makeup enthusiast/ Maskcara Artist & Leader life, there isn’t a whole lot of time for sleep. Or self care. Or drinking water. It’ll happen some day soon…

In the mean time, Mango under my eyes is my little secret for getting rid of my hard-earned dark circles. The peachy and yellow tones in the Mango and Sunlit highlights cancel out the blue and purple under my eyes. See color wheel.

Products used

I switched it up a little today.

Highlights: Mango under eyes + Sunlit
Contour: Stone
Blush: Nude
Illuminator: Pearl
Eyes: Stone + Nude + Pearl

Maskcara is so pretty, so easy, and SO AFFORDABLE. NO autoship. No reason not to try it! Message me for a color match, y’all! If you aren’t local, I can match you through a picture.  XOXO

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