Makeup DON’Ts – Prom edition


Woah. Oh man, y’all.

I wasn’t always good at makeup. In fact, I didn’t even really learn how to do makeup until I turned 30.

I thought I’d round up some of my personal makeup don’ts. This will most likely be continued, since I had so many. It’ll be funny!

Prom is coming up, right? If you need makeup for prom, DM me ASAP.
This is from my junior prom circa 2001. Wowza.

• WAY too tan – back then I thought there was no such thing as too tan. Don’t bake in the sun or tanning bed. Just don’t-as evidenced by my age spots…
• Full face of bronzer- I know I’m not the only one!
• No blush- I never used to wear blush, because my face was red (from tanning). Blush brings life to your face, even if you have redness! Let me show you.
•You can’t see it in this pic, but I also had gold body glitter sprayed all over me…kind of like an Oscar. 🤣

#makeupdonts #makeupfail #prommakeup #prom2001 #bronzer #blush #glitter #jessfaceforward

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