Tip Tuesday

IMG_5214.PNGBut maybe fraternal twins.

Face it. We all have one brow that looks like Cinderella, and the other one looks like an ugly stepsister. The late ’90s & early ’00s brow trends didn’t help most of us out.
It took me a long time to realize how important brows were & how much they frame the face.

Brow do’s:
1. Find a great brow artist
The only person I recommend locally is Sarah Ashley Aesthetics. Make an appointment.
2. For filling in your brows, I love Colour Pop’s precision brow pencil in Bangin’ Brunette or Maskcara’s Trust eyeshadow with the Know YOUR ANGLES brow brush– they pretty much work with every hair color–just the amount of product used will vary.  If you want to learn how to fill them properly, I’ll teach you.
3. To make your brows grow, use R+F Lash Boost, Nutraluxe Lash MD (don’t buy it on Amazon), or the one from Monat on them.
4. To gain 10-30 minutes back in your day, quit filling in your brows & go to see ladies at The Browtique in Fort Worth & McKinney, TX. They do the best microblading/blended/precision brows I’ve ever seen!! If you are getting a tattoo on your face, you want it to be done by the best!! It was SO worth the $ and the drive for me!!
5. Get a Tinkles razor to shape up your brows a little in between brow appointments.

Brow don’ts–from personal experience:
1. Don’t overpluck–you do not have a unibrow
2. Don’t get your eyebrows waxed while you are getting a pedicure.
3. Don’t go home and pluck some more to try to fix what the pedicure lady messed up.               4. Threading freaking hurts.                                 5. Don’t fill your brows with a warm color–it looks funny.

P.S. I should have listened to my mama .

Hope this helps! Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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