Makeup DON’Ts Take 3


Where to start?

🎓 This pic is from my high school graduation. Obviously, I chose the one with my cute sisters in it to up my ‘likes’.

Here we go.


First, DON’T put concealer only in your under eye area. I kind of look like a reverse raccoon here. The concealer needs to be yellow-based (not pink-based like in the pic) and it needs to be done in a pie piece shape under the eyes if you are looking to draw attention away from your dark circles. Again, DON’T put bronzer on your entire face. Do you see a theme yet?

Second, DON’T line all the way around your eyes with black eyeliner. It makes your eyes look TINY. Message me for eye tricks.

Third, DON’T overwax or overpluck your eyebrows. EYEBROWS FRAME YOUR FACE. They are so important!
I don’t remember exactly what happened, but somewhere between my senior pictures and graduation my eyebrows pulled a vanishing act. I blame ‘Friends’ and all of the actresses with pencil thin eyebrows for this trend. Y’all, they don’t ever grow back like they were. I take my brow referrals very seriously. Locally, I ONLY recommend Sarah Ashley Aesthetics for your brow shaping & tinting needs. She is a brow master! I’m not kidding, y’all!
If you are like me and are past that point and need microblading or precision brow tattooing, Carrie Hunt , Koger Hardin, and Lindley Woody at The Browtique are THE BEST. They are all in Texas, BUT it’s not that long of a drive and this is a tattoo on your face!!!

#learnfrommymistakes #makeupdonts #makeupfail #concealer #bronzer #eyeliner #browsarethenewblack #jessfaceforward

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