9A2AC7C0-2116-4CA4-AAEF-D13526A514DD Jessica Haddock is an RN, BSN, CEN.  She has worked as a nurse in the Emergency Department for 15 years. She began her career in the Beauty industry in January, 2017 when she started Jess Face Forward, and became a Seint makeup artist.  Over the past five years, she’s helped women simplify and streamline their individual makeup, skincare, and beauty routines. In 2022, Jess became the first Jet Plasma practitioner and the only Jet Plasma educator in the state of Oklahoma.  The level of trust and confidence Jess strives to build with both her clients and the practitioners she mentors are without a doubt where she puts her “Best Face Forward”.
Jess Face Forward, LLC
Jessica Haddock
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If you’re in the OKC metro area, let’s meet up!
E-mail me at jess.face.forward@gmail.com to book your Jet Plasma sessions or get color matched for Seint.
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