Hi, y’all! I’m Jessie Haddock, a wife, mama, ER nurse and Maskcara Beauty Artist based in the Oklahoma City/Edmond area. I’m just here trying to squeeze the most out of this fantastic life and I’m so thankful you stopped in to my lil’ web home. I put this together to show you how pretty and easy contouring can be. It highlights your best features and enhances your true beauty. It gives you the look of having perfect lighting following you around all the time.  We don’t need to be celebs to know their secrets, right? And this *is* a really cool secret: Maskcara Beauty – the “Cara” comes from our founder’s name! – is a makeup line with professional grade highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, eye shadows and brushes to enhance your gorgeous face–no red carpet necessary. All while simplifying your makeup routine. BONUS! I do your first makeover and training session for Freeeeee. No obligation to buy from me if you don’t dig it. Maskcara is not available through stores so you’ll need to purchase it from an independent artist, which is even cooler because that means you are supporting another woman achieving her goals in life >> like my lil’ family right here.

If you’re in the OKC area, let’s meet up! E-mail me at jess.face.forward@gmail.com to book a color match session.
Check out the full line here or pop over to see some of my favorite features and before and afters in my blog! Stay up to date on the latest makeovers and tips my joining my private Facebook group #faceforwardcommunity or follow me on Instagram.
xo, Jess
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